Tobaccos By McClelland Co.

Non-aromatic bulk blends:

#2000 Fragrant Matured Virginia Cake
#2010 Classic Virginia: Eastern and Middle Belt lemon, orange, and orange-red Virginias
#2015 Virginia Flake: Orange and Red Virginias with St. James Perique
#2020 Matured Cake Mixture: Fine matured Virginia with Orientals
#2025 English Cavendish: Small-flake Lemon Brazilian and orange Virginia with Xanthi
#2030 Balkan: Stoved Virginias, Cyprian Latakia, Lemon Carolina and Greek Orientals
#2035 Dark Navy Flake: Eastern Belt Lemon leaf and cutter grade tobaccos, pressed cake
#2040 Cyprian Mixture: Full Latakia with Orientals and Carolina, light nut topping
#2045 Oriental Mixture: Orientals and Carolina with less Latakia than #2040
#2050 Oriental Cavendish Mixture: Oriental, Virginia Cavendish, Black Cavendish
#5100 Red Cake: English-style Red Virginia. Sweet, fully rubbed matured cake
#5105 Stoved Virginia: Black Virginia broken flake
#5110 Dark English Full: Full Latakia with stoved Virginia and Orientals
#5115 Old World Classic Cake: Lemon and orange-red Virginia, with light fruit topping
#5120 Fragrant Virginia Ribbon Blend: Red and stoved Virginias, fully rubbed out.
#5125 Coyote Classic Full: Full Latakia and Turkish with matured Virginia

Tinned blends by McClelland:

Green label (Oriental:) 
No.1 Matured Virginia and Carolina, Turkish and Greek Orientals, Latakia.
No.6 Middle and Eastern Belt Orange Virginias, light Orientals and Latakia.
No.8 Fully rubbed matured red cake Virginia base, light Orientals and latakia.
No.12 Virginias with very light Turkish and only a little Latakia.
No.14 Stoved Virginia with Full Latakia and Turkish ("Scottish" blend.)

Brown label (Virginia:)
No.22 Eastern and Middle Belt aged Virginia cake.
No.24 Old and Middle Belt flake with (light) Turkish Drama leaf.
No.25 Red and Black aged Virginia cake, fine ribbon cut, fully rubbed out.
No.27 Orange-red, shag cut Virginia cake.
Navy Cavendish: Pressed aged Virginia cake topped with Dark Jamaican Rum.

Black label (Personal Reserve:)
Blackwoods Flake: Red and Black Stoved Virginia.
Dark Star: Top-grade black-stoved Virginia and Carolina.
St. James Woods: Broken Flake of Red and Black stoved Virginias with Perique.
Bombay Court: matured Virginias, Fine-cut Turkish, Latakia.
Bombay Extra: dark stoved Virginias, full Latakia, fine-cut Turkish and Perique.
British Woods: dark Virginia, heavy Latakia and premium Macedonian tobaccos.

Red label:
Dominican Glory: Mild aged Dominican cigar leaf with matured Virginia.
Dominican Glory Maduro: Dark maduro cigar leaf, red and stoved Virginia.
Christmas Cheer: Premium pressed single-crop Virginia flake.

Craftsbury label:
Virginia Woods: Matured Red, Black and Bright Virginias.
Deep Hollow: Red and Black Stoved Virginias with a light vanilla and apple topping.
Grey Havens: Matured Virginia, light aromatic Burley and  Louisiana Perique.
Trollshaws: Air Cured, ribbon cut Virginia, Oriental.

Frog Morton: Full Latakia with dark stoved Virginia and Black Cavendish.
Frog Morton on the Town: Turkish Basma, Orientals and Latakia.
Frog Morton on the Bayou: Orientals, Turkish, Latakia and Louisiana Perique.
Frog Morton Across The Pond: Virginia, Syrian Latakia, Oriental

221 Baker street - Honeydew: very old-fashioned shag-cut flue-cured Virginias.
221 Baker street - Black Shag: old-fashioned fine-cut air cured dark Virginias.
221 Baker street - Arcadia: English old-style mixture of matured Virginias and complex Orientals, a painstaking recreation of the original Craven's Mixture.

Royal Cajun - Special:  Dark stoved Virginias, wide cut lemon Virginia, "Cajun Black" pressed, fermented Virginia.
Royal Cajun - Ebony: Virginia, Kentucky, "Cajun Black" pressed, fermented Virginia.
Royal Cajun - Dark: Red and stoved Virginias, "Cajun Black" pressed, fermented Virginia.

Grand Orientals - Yenidje Supreme: Virginia, Orientals.
Grand Orientals - Yenidje Highlander: Cyprian and Syrian Latakia, Matured Red Virginia, Maryland.
Grand Orientals - Black Sea Sokhoum: Ribbon cut Oriental, Virgina.

Blakeney's Best:
Blakeney's Best - Acadian ribbon: Virginia and Perique, toasted.
Blakeney's Best - Tawney Flake: Virginia flake, toasted.
Blackeny's Best - Bayou Slice: Perique/Virginia Slices, toasted.
Blakeney's Best - Latakia Flake: Full English mixture with Cyprian latakia, Xanthi Yaka, toasted.

Syrian Latakia Blends:
Syrian Full Balkan: Virginia, Orientals, Latakia
Syrian Super Balkan: Virginia, Orientals, Latakia, Perique
Rose of Latakia: Premium Syrian Latakia blend.

Grand Orientals:
Yenice Agonya: reddish yellow Turkish tobaccos.
Yenidje Highlander: Yenidge, Cyprian and Syrian Latakia, Red Virginia, Maryland.
Black Sea Sokhoum: Samsun Oriental, Matured Virginia.
Classic Samsun: Samsun Maden and Samsun Canek tobaccos.
Katerini Classic:  Greek Katerini Samsun leaf, Virginia-based blend.
Yenidge Supreme: Xanthi yenidge from Western Thrace.
Smyrna #1:  Western Turkey Orientals, with a whole Smyrna leaf on top.
Drama-Reserve: Drama Basma and Mahalla.

New Releases:
Wilderness: Syrian and Cyprian Latakia, Drama, Yenidje, Red Virginias.
Legends: Cyprian Latakia, dark stoved and red Virginias, Mahalla and Drama.
Three Oaks Syrian: Syrian Latakia, Oriental and aged Virginia.
Three Oaks: Cyprian Latakia, Oriental, Virginia.
Jubilee: Matured Virginias, Latakia, Turkish and Louisiana Perique.
Orient 996: vintage 2007 Virginias, Yenidge, and Syrian Latakia.
Cyprian Star: Cyprian Latakia, orange and lemon Virginias, Mountain Basma.  
Anniversary 2005: Virginia and Oriental
Jubilee: Matured Virginias, Latakia, Turkish, Louisiana Perique.
Beacon: matured, aged Virginia, Louisiana Perique.
Aurora: Matured Red and Black Stoved Lemon Virginias.
Tudor Castle: bright yellow Virginia, Grad Yenidje, red Virginia and St James Perique.
Tudor Castle Arcade: Pressed cake, Matured Virginias, Katerini, Louisiana Perique and Syrian Latakia.

Blending tobaccos:
Virginia: lemon, orange, and red Virginias, aged, cold pressed and aged again
Oriental: Greek and Turkish Oriental tobaccos
Perique: finest Louisiana Perique from St. James Parish.
Syrian Latakia

McClelland blends under license:

Formerly ASHTON, now reclaimed:
Black Parrot: Pressed flake of Virginia, Carolina, and Perique.
Pebblecut: Pressed flake of Virginia, Red Carolina, Oriental and Perique.
Brindle Flake: Pressed flake of various Virginias.
Old Dog: Cyprian Latakia, Xanthia, Virginia and black Cavendish.
Celebrated Sovereign: Syrian Latakia, Dubec, black Cavendish, Carolina and Red Virginia.
Old Church: Scottish blend, Virginia with Carolina and black Cavendish

Formerly BUTERA:
Blended Flake: Virginias, Carolina, Orientals and Perique.
Golden Cake: pressed golden Virginia cake.
Dark Stoved: pressed dark stoved Virginia cake.
Matured Ribbon: pressed lemon, red, and black stoved Virginia cake.
Sweet Cavendish: Bright Red & Orange Virginia's and Toasted Black Green River.
Latakia #1: Cyprian Latakia, Basma, Carolina and Virginias.
Latakia #2: Cyprian Latakia, Turkish, Orientals, red and orange Virginias, toasted Carolina.